Take A Bow by C.J.Wells

Take a Bow - COVER

**Happy New Release**

Take a Bow by C J Wells


Sometimes, dreams come true.
And, sometimes…
They seem too good to be true.

So many questions, one affirmation…I am in love with Alexander Tate. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of was standing right in front of me. My ultimate fantasy come true. My more. So, why am I running?

Aby Ryan spent twelve years doubting herself…Can she really learn to trust others before learning to trust herself?

Alex and Aby’s story continues in the powerfully sensual sequel in The Perfect Plans Series, Take a Bow. The final installment of their story is wrought with jealously, endless desire, sinfully decadent sex, betrayal, humor, empowerment and, of course, love.


Hats off to the authors of Take a Bow. This book is the sequel to Perfect Plans in the The Perfect Plans series. I am completely smitten by both the books.

While reading the first book I had to be sure I was alone because it was H.O.T.

Take a Bow is in fact much HOTTER. The writers have just hooked me onto their writing. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is over.

Abby, whose fantasy comes true struggles to stay positive. She breaks down, but by Alexander’s support she doesn’t back down and I am glad!

Coming onto the erotica, I have no words. The way it has been written is so good. The writing just flows smoothly.

I rate this book as 5/5 and to the authors: I think this book goes on top of the pile and on top of Fifty Shades.



take a bow no1  


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